Collection & Recovery Services

Customized Solutions for Comprehensive Recovery

Portnoy Schneck, L.L.C. services the needs of businesses, debt buyers, healthcare providers, collection agencies, professionals, individuals, governmental agencies, and financial institutions in the collection of outstanding receivables, delinquent debts, and creditors’ rights matters.

We assist our clients with the recovery of their outstanding receivables, from the pre-charge off stage through litigation, including protecting their interests in Bankruptcy proceedings.

Collection Services

The firm utilizes Vertican Technologies, Inc.’s Collection-Master system, an advanced paperless collections system, which enables the firm to store account information and documentation electronically for fast collections.

Scalable Services To Meet Client Demands

We have the technology and infrastructure to handle clients who have a high volume of files or those with a single matter. We handle claims of all dollar amounts. We are driven by our clients’ needs and will tailor our services to accommodate those needs, including all reporting requirements.

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In an era of rapidly changing business landscapes, we offer more than just legal representation; we offer partnership.

Partner with Portnoy Schneck, L.L.C. to ensure that your business’s legal interests are always in the safest of hands.


30+ years of dedication, expertise, and a deep understanding of the creditors’ rights industry we serve.


Every client and account are unique. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to adapt to every client’s individual needs.


Upholding our motto, “Your success is our priority.”


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